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Product Name:GN-41X ENHANCED
Product Detailed:

GN Perfluorinated ion exchange membrane made by Nanjing General Energy new material Co.,Ltd. GN is a new kind of ion exchange membrane which is made by a new resin flow technology. This new technology can combine with adulterate technology. Thus GN has many outstanding features, It not only has the high tensile strength, high selection, isotropy, high conductance; but also has the effect of self-humidifying.


Under the same thickness, the mechanical strength is more than 30%, while the swelling ratio is low, and the water content is high. GN-411X series of perfluorinated ion exchange membrane is particularly suitable for use as a solid electrolyte ionic membrane electrolyzer, electrodialysis, etching solution and recovery of copper, gold potassium cyanide, chlorine dioxide generator preparation, electrochemical reaction of amino acid refining.


     General Energy new material Co.,Ltd is the expert in ion exchange membrane area. The Pre-existence of us is BEST Company which has a long membrane making history over 10 years. General Energy company have been hold the 40% of perflourinated ion exchange membrane market in china. We are building China Ion exchange Membrane Technology Center with Xiamen University. The production capacity of membrane will arrive 300,000 square meters to 2013.

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